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Kopi Luwak - Specialty/Premium Blend/House Blend

From faeces to coffee

Made through a peculiar yet somewhat fascinating process, it is considered the most expensive coffee around currently. Kopi Luwak is made from partially digested coffee cherries by the Asian Palm Civet which only eats the sweetest, ripest pulp and then later defecates the hard coffee seeds. After thorough washing and cautious processing, the beans produce gourmet cup of coffee.

Trust us - a few sips and you'll want more.

About Exotica's Kopi Luwak

We strive to go beyond in providing customers with only the best quality coffee.



We roast our beans in small batches of 200g to ensure even roasting for each coffee beans.



The coffee beans are handpicked by trained hands with strict quality control, eliminating any defects.

Reliable Source

Reliable Source

Our beans are sourced directly from the highlands of Indonesia which includes Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Papua.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast

The beans go through a light to medium roasting to ensure that the coffee beans do not lose flavour.

Ideally Fresh

Ideally Fresh

Roasting is done according to the "just-in-time" policy and are packed in aluminium packaging to ensure optimum freshness.

Taste Profile

Taste Profile

Our kopi luwak has a mild acidity with an earthy aroma complimented with a slightly sweet, nutty taste.

What our Amazon customers think

"This coffee is amazing."


"Very satisfying."


"Quality did not dissapoint!"


"Fancy and good to try!"


"It's shockingly good!"

Well this product is cost prohibitive, and possibly unethical in the same way that foie gras and veal is. However, it's shockingly good! It smells like coffee, and looks like coffee, but it's not all bitter and has a fruity and woody flavor that I have never had with any other coffee. It was worth the try at least once in a lifetime.

-Kylie Wiles-

"Great coffee!"

I was so impressed by this coffee. I had no idea that I could enjoy such an exotic brew. This is by far the finest coffee to have ever been passed through the gastrointestinal tract of a lemur and defecated in the world. There must have been an extra fine turd-sifting process to extract the bean with such precision. Great coffee!


The Processes of making kopi luwak

From faeces to coffee

Process 1

The "luwak" or civet eats the sweetest-smelling coffee cherries it can find.

Process 2

Enzymes in the civet's stomach breaks the coffee protein down, resulting in a less acidic taste.

Process 3

After partially digesting the coffee cheeries, the coffee beans are excreted among its faeces.

Process 4

The layer covering the beans are separated through sieving.

Process 5

The beans are thoroughly washed to get rid of dirt or any other unwanted waste.

Process 6

They are then immediately dried under warm air.

Process 7

The beans are slightly pounded or crushed to get rid of the outer skin.

Process 8

The good beans are handpicked manually whereas the defects are thrown out.

Process 9

The beans are roasted from a light to medium tan before they are ground.

Choose your blend

*Each blend is available in a 100g pack whole coffee beans, 100g pack ground coffee or 10g sachet


The purest form of kopi luwak, made for true blue coffee enthusiasts who prefer to have nothing more than a cup of original and pure kopi luwak.

Exotica Kopi Luwak Specialty Arabica

Specialty Arabica

Exotica Kopi Luwak Specialty Robusta

Specialty Robusta


Blended with a hint of Exotica's Super Arabica beans. This is made for coffee connoisseurs who love the exotic taste of premium blended coffee.

Exotica Kopi Luwak Premium Blend Arabica

Premium Blend Arabica

Exotica Kopi Luwak Premium Blend Robusta

Premium Blend Robusta


Blended also with a hint of Exotica's Super Arabica beans. This is made for beginners who want to let their palate contemplate with the taste of kopi luwak.

Exotica Kopi Luwak House Blend Arabica

House Blend Arabica

Exotica Kopi Luwak House Blend Robusta

House Blend Arabica

Certification & Accreditation

Report of Analysis from Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao Indonesia Report of Analysis/Testing from Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao Indonesia GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate of Authentication HALAL
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